Antique Bracelet
 Antique bracelets from the Georgian era right through the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras are some of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery that can be found.
 An antique bracelet often has a beautiful design making it completely unique and special, and even though many that we have may be over 100 years old, they can still be worn on a daily basis and loved and admired.
Available Antique Bracelet


Antique Scottish agate 8 panel bracelet
Sterling silver Scottish agate bracelet.
Art Deco diamond bracelet with 3 diamonds
15ct antique diamond bracelet
Beautiful antique bracelet in 15ct rose gold.
15ct antique bracelet.
Platinum and gold antique pearl and diamond bracelet.
Antique gold and platinum bracelet set with pearls and diamonds.
Antique mesh bracelet with turquoise and pearls.
Antique bracelet set with pearls and turquoise
Antique 15ct gold mesh buckle style bracelet
Edwardian antique mesh bracelet
15ct antique bracelet.
Antique bracelet circa 1900
Antique rose gold turquoise & pearl bracelet.
Elegant antique bracelet set with pearls and turquoise.
18ct French ruby and diamond bracelet
Antique ruby and diamond bracelet.
Antique 18ct pearl bracelet made in France.
Delightful French antique bracelet in 18ct gold and set with pearls.
Rose gold Edwardian era gate bracelet.
Very elegant rose gold antique gate link bracelet.
Art Nouveau bracelet by Mürrle Bennett and Co
Art Nouveau gold bracelet by Mürrle Bennett & Co
Antique rose gold fancy bracelet from the early 1900's.
Elegant antique rose gold bracelet.
Rose gold antique fancy curb link bracelet
Very attractive antique bracelet in rose gold.
Antique turquoise & pearl bracelet
Edwardian era turquoise & pearl bracelet.
Antique gold Scottish agate bracelet.
Wonderful colours from the Scottish agates.
Antique platinum and gold ruby and diamond bracelet.
Magnificently design ruby and diamond bracelet.
Edwardian diamond & sapphire bracelet.
Made by Shreve, Crump and Co.
Antique curb link bracelet made in 1908
Wonderful antique curb link bracelet from the Edwardian era.
Fancy curb link bracelet
In the night and day design. $2,300.00
Graduating night & day antique bracelet.
A fantastic and so unique night and day style antique bracelet.
Antique fancy gate bracelet circa 1900
Such a beautiful designed antique bracelet.
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