Antique brooch
 An antique collection is never complete without at least one antique brooch.

 From Victorian brooches through to diamond Art Deco brooches, here you are sure to find that special antique brooch just right for you or a loved one.
Available Antique brooch


Antique oval pique brooch from the 1800's.
Antique pique brooch
Antique pearl brooch and pendant from the 1890's.
Antique pendant that converts to a brooch.
Antique brooch made by Aronson
Antique brooch by Aronson
Double heart antique Mizpah brooch
Antique solid gold Mizpah brooch
Opal brooch by Dorothy Wager.
Silver opal brooch by Dorothy Wager.
Antique sapphire and diamond Victorian era brooch
Antique sapphire and diamond brooch.
Antique demantoid garnet and diamond brooch
Antique garnet and diamond brooch made in 1897
1870's antique pique brooch
Antique brooch from the 1870's.
Antique round pique brooch
Victorian era antique pique brooch
Antique coral and turquoise brooch.
Antique cameo brooch hand carved from coral.
Victorian antique sapphire and diamond brooch
15ct gold antique sapphire and diamond brooch.
Antique diamond bird brooch with ruby eyes.
Lovely antique diamond brooch in the form of a bird.
Vintage silver dog.
Delightful vintage dog brooch.
Antique turquoise and pearl brooch in 15ct gold.
Antique turquoise and pearl brooch.
Antique 15ct gold brooch.
Antique brooch set with coral and diamonds.
18ct antique turquoise brooch
Hand engraved antique 18ct gold turquoise brooch.
Antique Regard brooch in 18ct gold.
Regard brooch made in the early 1900's.
1890's era antique ruby & diamond brooch.
Attractive antique ruby and diamond antique brooch.
French antique sapphire & diamond bar brooch.
Antique sapphire and diamond brooch.
Antique pique Mizpah brooch.
Very rare pique Mizpah brooch.
Antique cameo brooch in its original box.
15ct gold antique cameo brooch.
Elegant green enamel brooch set with pearls
Antique enamelled brooch.
Antique diamond brooch made in 1893
Victorian antique diamond brooch.
Antique sapphire & diamond brooch from the 1890's.
Very attractive antique brooch.
Antique ruby and diamond heart brooch
Very attractive antique ruby and diamond brooch.
Antique pique brooch from the 1860's.
Lovely antique pique brooch.
Antique silver and rose gold brooch.
Attractive antique brooch made in 1900.
Antique diamond horseshoe brooch
Stunningly beautiful antique diamond horseshoe brooch.
Antique 15ct gold diamond crescent brooch.
Beautiful antique crescent brooch set with diamonds.
Antique ruby, pearl & diamond brooch.
Stunning antique brooch
Antique amethyst & pearl brooch.
Beautiful and elegant antique brooch.
Victorian garnet and turquoise brooch.
Circa 1860.
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