Antique cameo
 Cameos have been made and worn for centuries, and even today many are worn by people who love to wear a brooch with a unique style and design.

 From the traditional shell cameo to the hard stone carvings and lava cameos, there will always be a cameo out there just for you.
Available Antique cameo


1910 era antique cameo ring
Elegant antique cameo ring
Antique coral and turquoise brooch.
Antique cameo brooch hand carved from coral.
Antique cameo and pearl earrings
Antique cameo earrings from the Victorian era of the 1870's.
Hardstone antique cameo ring from France.
Magnificent quality French antique cameo ring.
1850's antique cameo ring.
Very attractive antique cameo ring.
Antique hard stone cameo ring with pearls
Stunning hard stone antique cameo ring from the 1870's.
Antique cameo brooch & earrings
Superb antique cameo and earring set from the 1860's.
Large Victorian cameo
Depicting 3 soldiers.
Antique cameo brooch in its original box.
15ct gold antique cameo brooch.
Antique cameo ring surrounded by pearls.
Antique pearl set cameo ring.
Antique cameo of Zeus, Hera & Hermes.
Magnificent quality antique cameo.
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