Antique earrings
 There is something so special about the many styles and designs of antique earrings and there is something even more special about the feeling that you get when wearing a genuine pair of antique earrings and in this section you will be able to browse at just some of the antique earrings that we have for sale.

 Antique earrings are always sought after, and at Kalmar Antiques we love to get on our hands as many as we can find.
 From antique Victorian and Edwardian earrings that are set with or without gemstones, women the world over have always loved to wear that special pair of antique earrings.
 Many antique earrings will be in a drop design sometimes with a tassel that dangles so elegantly and all antique earrings will have that extra special attention to detail that often can't be found in many modern earrings.

 Antique earrings feel so special to wear and many antique earrings although well over 100 years old are still made in a design that is so easy to wear on a daily basis.
Available Antique earrings


Very detailed long antique ivory drop earrings
Wonderful detail in these ivory earrings.
Antique cameo and pearl earrings
Antique cameo earrings from the Victorian era of the 1870's.
Antique diamond cluster drop earrings.
Magnificent antique diamond earrings.
Antique garnet and pearl Victorian earrings.
Elegant antique garnet and pearl earrings.
15ct gold Victorian antique tassel earrings.
Stunning antique tassel earrings from the Victorian era.
Magnificent antique garnet drop earrings.
Simply superb antique earrings.
Antique ball designed drop earrings.
Elegant antique drop earrings from the Victorian era.
Elegant antique drop earrings.
Very stylish and elegant antique earrings, each set with a diamond.
Antique rose gold earrings from 1900.
Very attractive rose gold antique earrings.
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