Antique lockets have such a wonderful charm and style all unto themselves, and at Kalmar Antiques we simply adore them.
 When you look at how much detail goes into an antique locket, it is so easy to see why they are cherished for generations.
 With some of the antique lockets being made in gold or silver, and some with fine hand engraving, enamelling, or even gemstones, an antique locket is perfect for any occasion.
 Below is just a small example of the antique lockets that we have, as we usually have at least 30 in store at any one time.
Available Lockets


Antique ruby locket made in France
Antique French locket
Antique turquoise and ruby locket
Antique locket from the Victorian era
Antique pearl set locket from the 1890's.
15ct gold antique locket
18ct gold antique ruby & pearl locket
Very attractive ruby and pearl locket.
Art Nouveau era heart shaped locket.
18ct French locket made in the Art Nouveau era.
Antique rose gold locket set with a garnet.
Antique locket made in 1901.
French Art Nouveau era antique locket
18ct Art Nouveau era locket.
Antique REGARD locket.
Very hard to find antique Regard locket.
Antique gold enamelled locket from the early 1900's.
Stunning antique enamelled locket.
Heart shaped antique ruby & pearl locket.
Delightful antique locket set with rubies and pearls.
Art Deco enamelled & diamond locket.
Very attractive Art Deco locket from the 1920's.
18ct enamelled locket
18ct locket with a buckle design. $1,425.00
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