Antique necklaces such as a wonderful Victorian era sterling silver collar and locket, to the ever popular and traditional Victorian and Edwardian Albert/Fob chain are always available at Kalmar Antiques.

 Various other designs are much loved and sought after here, so there will always be an antique necklace to fall in love with.
Available Necklace


Antique enamel and natural pearl necklace.
Enamel silver and pearl necklace from the Edwardian era.
10ct antique cameo and pearl necklace.
Antique cameo necklace from the early 1900's.
15ct gold antique pearl necklace.
Antique fringe necklace set with pearls.
Antique Edwardian era aquamarine and pearl necklace
Aquamarine necklace set with pearls.
Rose gold Albert/fob chain made in 1924
Very attractive rose gold Albert chain.
Rose gold Albert chain made in 1923
Stunning Albert/fob chain in rose gold.
Antique 18ct aquamarine necklace
Stunning aquamarine necklace
Edwaridan antique peridot and pearl necklace.
Attractive antique peridot and pearl necklace.
Antique muff chain 136cm
Victorian era muff chain.
Antique amethyst and diamond drop style necklace
Stunning antique necklace from the 1890's.
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