Pique jewellery
Piqué jewellery is a style and type of jewellery all unto itself and is truly like no other that was  made most popular during the Victorian era of the 1800's, however it can be found as far back as the 18th Century.

 Piqué (pronounced “pee-kay”) is gold or silver – or sometimes a combination of both, inlayed into another material.
 Quite often the material was tortoiseshell (from the Hawksbill tortoise which was also used for the making of other tortoiseshell material such as boxes etc) and sometimes even from elephant ivory.
The tortoiseshell seemed to be the most popular, probably because of its light weight and being easy to “mould” into other shapes.

 Tortoiseshell is a natural thermoplastic, meaning that it is quite malleable when heated/warmed. Very fine gold or silver would be fashioned into either fine “rods” or “leaf” designs and the pressed into the already warmed tortoiseshell.

 After the gold and silver was set, the shell was left to cool down which would then contract to hold the metal in place.
 Prior to 1870, the metals were cut by hand allowing for very fine and intricate detail then after 1870, machines started to do the work resulting in more straight and angular designs.
 Piqué jewellery can most commonly be found in earrings and pendants, and the designs and colouring are amazing to admire.

 This form of jewellery making is now a lost art as both the elephant and Hawksbill turtle are protected species, meaning that piqué jewellery will become harder and harder to find as the years go by and in this section you will be able to view some of the antique pique jewellery that we have to offer.
Available Pique jewellery


Antique oval pique brooch from the 1800's.
Antique pique brooch
1870's antique pique brooch
Antique brooch from the 1870's.
Antique round pique brooch
Victorian era antique pique brooch
Antique pique Mizpah brooch.
Very rare pique Mizpah brooch.
Victorian pique drop earrings
Stunning pique drop earrings.
Antique pique brooch from the 1860's.
Lovely antique pique brooch.
Victorian pique drop earrings
Maltese cross design.
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