Sold Jewellery
 Here in this section of sold jewellery you will be able to view some of the wonderful and unique pieces of jewellery that we have sold over the years.
 Except for rings - which is under another section - you will be able to find nearly everything else in the world of antique and modern jewellery such as antique pendants, necklaces, brooches, bangles, bracelets and of course earrings.
The jewellery that we have sold and which is on view here will not be over just one era or period but will go as far back as some stunning antique pieces from the Georgian era of the 1700's to early 1800's, Victorian era jewellery from 1837 right up to the end of the 19th century, the free flowing design of Art Nouveau era, and the wonderful designs of jewellery from the Art Deco era of the 1920's as well as rings from the fabulous retro period of the 1950's right up to modern jewellery, many of which have an antique design or theme to them.
 There will be a broad range of jewellery from countries all over the world, and  even though the jewellery in this section has been sold, it will give you a great insight of just some of the wonderful and exciting antique and modern pieces of jewellery that we have had the pleasure of dealing in over the past years and what you may find if you keep searching our website or store or to give you an insight into the wonderful world of antique jewellery where designs often come up that you could never have dreamed up but was made well over a century ago.
Available Sold Jewellery


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Antique rose cut diamond brooch set with 15 diamonds
Lovely antique rose cut diamond brooch.
Antique rose gold turquoise and pearl bracelet
Edwardian era antique turquoise and pearl bracelet.
Antique opal and pearl brooch by Aronson
15ct antique opal and pearl brooch by Aronson.
Antique 14ct gold enamel locket with a pearl.
Stunning antique red enamel photo locket.
Antique hinged coral and pearl bangle
15ct gold antique coral and pearl bangle
Enamel, diamond and pearl locket of Earl Fitzwilliam
Antique enamel locket for the 10th Earl Fitzwilliam.
Antique French diamond & pearl locket.
Delightful 18ct antique locket
Antique 18ct aquamarine necklace
Stunning aquamarine necklace
Art Deco pearl and diamond bracelet in original box
1920's era Art Deco pearl and diamond bracelet made by H. Hallpike Ltd London.
Antique sterling silver bangle in a buckle design.
Antique silver bangle made in 1885
Antique sterling silver bangle with rose and green gold
Antique silver, rose and green gold hinged bangle.
Edwardian snake bangle.
From the 1900's.
Antique necklace by Flavelle and Roberts
Antique boxed turquoise and pearl necklace by Flavelle and Roberts.
Antique sapphire and diamond bangle made in 1890
Sapphire and diamond antique bangle.
Antique cameo of Aurora - Goddess of Dawn
Antique cameo of Aurora.
Silver Art Nouveau era lorgnette.
Beautiful Art Nouveau lorgnette.
Art Nouveau suffragette pendant in rose gold
Antique suffragette pendant
Lightning Ridge opal ring with 26 diamonds
18ct white gold opal and diamond ring.
1920's Art Deco sapphire and diamond brooch.
Platinum and gold Art Deco brooch from the 1920's
Antique 9ct Mizpah brooch
Lovely antique Mizpah brooch.
Victorian antique earrings made from hair.
Truly amazing antique hair earrings.
Antique aquamarine earrings.
Elegant aquamarine drop earrings.
Emerald, ruby and diamond brooch.
Amazing 18ct gold brooch set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds.
1950's retro Cartier brooch.
Sapphire and diamond Cartier brooch in gold and platinum.
18ct antique diamond set cameo brooch.
Victorian era antique cameo brooch set with diamonds.
Edwardian 18ct & platinum ruby and diamond pendant.
Stunning antique ruby and diamond pendant from the Edwardian era.
14ct rose and yellow gold retro bracelet.
Wonderful retro era bracelet from the 1950's.
Art Deco platinum and gold cufflinks.
Diamond set Art Deco cufflinks.
Silver brooch by Rhoda Wager
Elegant antique brooch by Rhoda Wager.
Art Deco jade and diamond drop earrings
1920's era Art Deco jade earrings.
18ct & platinum Art Deco 1920's diamond bracelet
Art Deco diamond bracelet.
Antique onyx pearl and diamond locket
Victorian antique locket set with a pearl and diamonds.
Antique onyx cameo bracelet with diamonds
Diamond set antique cameo bracelet.
Antique suffragette pendant with a natural pearl.
Beautiful suffragette pendant from the early 1900's.
18ct sapphire earrings set with 26 diamonds.
Beautiful sapphire & diamond drop earrings.
1.90 carat Burmese ruby & diamond cluster ring
Burmese ruby and diamond engagement ring.
Platinum Art Deco necklace and brooch
Stunning diamond set Art Deco necklace that converts to a brooch
Antique ruby and diamond bangle made in 1906
Antique ruby and diamond bangle.
15ct antique diamond bangle set with 7 diamonds.
Antique diamond set hinged bangle in 15ct gold.
Fancy antique pique brooch from the 1860's.
Victorian era antique pique brooch.
Antique signet ring with hinged top from the Dewar clan.
Superb antique signet ring from the 1860's.
Art Nouveau turquoise & pearl pendant.
Antique turquoise & pearl pendant from the Art Nouveau period.
Antique amethyst and diamond pendant
Very large antique amethyst and diamond pendant
Antique 40 carat amethyst brooch.
Very large antique amethyst brooch.
Antique pique drop earrings.
Stunning antique pique earrings from the 1870's.
Antique demantoid garnet and pearl brooch
Antique Demantoid garnet and pearl brooch in 15ct rose gold.
18ct white gold diamond earrings
Diamond hoop earrings.
Engraved antique rose gold bangle made in 1905
Edwardian era antique bangle in rose gold.
Antique rose gold amethyst and pearl bangle.
Elegant antique rose gold amethyst and pearl bangle.
Enamelled dragonfly brooch

Set with marcasites.
Antique sapphire and diamond bracelet.
Antique bracelet circa 1910.
Antique double row pearl bangle.
Antique 15ct gold pearl bangle.
Original Art Deco brooch circa 1920
Hand made in 18ct and platinum.
Antique enamel earrings in 15ct gold.
Elegant antique earrings.
15ct antique diamond gate bracelet.
Lovely Edwardian diamond gate bracelet.
Stunning antique diamond brooch made in platinum.
Wonderful antique platinum diamond brooch.
Elegant diamond drop earrings with 120 diamonds.
Diamond earrings in 18ct white gold.
18ct & platinum Art Deco aquamarine pendant.
Lovely 1920's era aquamarine pendant in gold and platinum.
18ct French amethyst & pearl bracelet.
Magnificent antique bracelet made in France.
French poodle pearl & diamond brooch.
Stunning South Sea pearl brooch with diamonds in the form of a poodle.
Antique miniature by Ada Whiting
Painted by Ada Whiting in 1913.
Antique Mizpah brooch in gold & silver with a bird design.
Lovely antique Mizpah brooch in gold and silver.
Antique sapphire and diamond bangle in 15ct
Antique sapphire and diamond bangle.
Art Deco pearl and diamond earrings made in France
Gold and platinum Art Deco pearl and diamond earrings.
Art Deco aquamarine, pearl and diamond pendant
1920's era Art Deco pendant.
Antique Victorian earrings
Victorian era antique drop earrings.
18ct Art Nouveau photo locket.
Elegant antique Art Nouveau photo locket
10ct antique cameo and pearl necklace.
Antique cameo necklace from the early 1900's.
Art Deco gold & platinum aquamarine and pearl necklace.
18ct gold & platinum 1920's era Art Deco necklace.
Ruby and diamond hound stick pin from the 1930's.
Magnificent 14ct gold ruby and diamond stick pin in the form of a hound.
14ct Art Deco style sapphire and diamond earrings
Attractive sapphire and diamond earrings in the Art Deco style.
Antique diamond miners locket from 1878.
Stunning antique miners locket.
Antique enamel and pearl duck brooch
Gorgeous enamel and pearl antique duck brooch.
Antique enamel and natural pearl necklace.
Enamel silver and pearl necklace from the Edwardian era.
Antique 15ct Regard locket
Very rare antique Regard locket from the Victorian era
Antique sword and crescent moon brooch by Willis
Early Australian antique opal brooch by Willis.
Antique turquoise and pearl brooch from the 1900's.
Lovely antique brooch set with turquoise and pearls.
Antique locket set with a ruby and pearls
Magnificent antique ruby locket.
Antique gate bracelet set with tourmalines & peridot
Edwardian antique gate bracelet made in 1907
Large antique Victorian era seal.
Large antique seal from the 1870's.
Antique seal in rose & green gold.
Antique Victorian era seal with 2 love birds.
15ct antique garnet earrings from the 1880's.
Antique garnet earrings from the 19th century.
Antique enamel and mother of pearl cufflinks
Stunning antique enamel cufflinks.
9ct antique gate link bracelet.
Edwardian antique gate link bracelet.
9 stone antique garnet bangle.
Antique almandine garnet bangle.
Art Deco platinum and diamond bracelet from the 1920's.
Stunning platinum Art Deco diamond bracelet.
Retro 1950's rose gold ruby and pearl bracelet.
18ct rose gold retro era bracelet.
Art Deco style diamond earrings in white gold.
18ct diamond Art Deco style earrings.
Antique ivory brooch
Ivory brooch with forget-me-nots, roses and lilies
Victorian style earrings.
So wonderful!
18ct white gold sapphire & diamond earrings.
Stunning sapphire and diamond drop earrings.
Antique Edwardian era peridot and pearl necklace .
Antique necklace set with peridots and pearls.
Art Deco style diamond earrings with 66 diamonds.
18ct white gold Art Deco designed earrings.
Playful cat brooch.
Playing with a pearl.
Antique unheat treated aquamarine necklace.
Antique aquamarine necklace.
Art Deco diamond & pearl brooch.
Art Deco brooch made by Fairfax and Roberts.
Victorian cross
Made in rose gold.
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