Both antique watches and vintage watches have become so popular in recent years and have created such a genre and culture of its own.

 For people who are after a watch that little bit different or more special than a new one, the vintage and second hand watch market opens them up to a whole new world.

 Collectors of vintage watches have the benefit of being able to collect one particular style or maker such as chronograph watches, or Omega watches, or from a particular era such as the 1970's, or any watch that simply just takes their fancy.

 Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Panerai, Heuer, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin are just a few of the watch brands that have become so popular in recent years.
 The Omega Constellation, Rolex Daytona, early Heuer Chronographs (before becoming Tag Heuer) are again just a small example of watches that have become so collectable and what dealers and collectors of second hand watches alike are always after.

 Many people find that vintage and antique watches are so varied in the designs over the decades - from tonneau cased watch with Roman numerals popular in the Art Deco watches of the 1920's, to the very large cases in watches from the 1970's, which saw a big come back in the early 2000's from watch companies such as Panerai.

 Vintage, second hand and antique watches is about having a passion for something past that can still be functional today and worn all the time, with a look and style of its own.


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