Omega watches
Founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland by Louis Brandt in 1848, Omega is one of the most popular and well respected watch companies the world over and the most popular watch that we sell. With designs and styles that have continually changed over the years, this has helped make Omega what they are today.
 From the brilliant designs of the 1940’s, to the ever popular and sought after Omega Constellations, Omega watches and pocket watches appeal to watch collectors and novices alike.
 Omega continued to change the style of their watches to suit the market and decade and this is so evident when you see a 1960's Omega watch next to a large 1970's Omega watch with a brilliant retro style case then back to a slim line Omega DeVille watch of the 1980's.
 We continually strive to have as many second hand and vintage Omega watches in store as possible and are able to service your Omega or other vintage watch as well if needed.
***Currently we have over 40 second hand Omega watches in store, so please feel free to visit us, or contact us if you are after a particular Omega model.***
Available Omega watches


1959 ladies Omega Sapphette watch in gold
14ct white gold Omega watch from 1959.
1972 vintage Omega Geneve Dynamic
Stainless steel Omega Dynamic with date function.
1973 Omega Constellation "C" case
Vintage Omega Constellation with the calibre 1011.
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