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Every watch collector needs storage cases for their watch collection, especially when there are some really cool and expensive watches like Rolex, Omega, Longines, Patek Philippe and Cartier. If left out on top of your dresser or thrown haphazardly in a drawer, they’d get easily scratched.

However, these watch boxes are not created equal. Neophyte watch collectors find it hard to spend so much on a watch box as much as spending on an expensive timepiece. But it wouldn’t make sense to “cheap out” on a case only to discover later that the money you had spent was wasted on something that does not give much protection to your collection. A good watch case is definitely worth your money!

Finding the Perfect Box

- No cheap squishy pillows. These pillows cannot sustain holding any kind of wrist watch.
- Pillows should be large enough to hold a watch with tightened straps or bracelets firmly.
- Individual compartments must be big enough to house watches that are of different types and sizes. A box that will fit the biggest dive watches make for the perfect choice.
- Depth clearance of box covers should be enough to close over the largest wrist watches without getting in contact with it.
- Wooden dividers are the hallmark of a high-quality watch box.
- Boxes featuring clear tops are a better option as these allows you to see and enjoy your collection.

Box prices are not as important as the criteria. The materials that these watch storages are made of are what matters as much as the dimensions and the type of pillows. Don’t let your emotions dictate your buying decision. Box details are what are important. Once you start knowing what to look for, you will be surprised to find watch boxes that will match the criteria at very reasonable prices.

Available Watch box


Watch box
Holds 5 watches Other colours available. WE NOW HAVE JEWELLERY BOXES In STOCK from $250
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