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18 carat gold Waltham pocket watch made in 1888 in exceptional condition

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18 carat gold Waltham pocket watch made in 1888 in exceptional condition

This pocket watch was presented to Senior Constable Thomas Mickey in 1889.

A brief history on the Waltham company:

The Waltham Watch Company was formed in 1850 under the name American Horologe Company. Over the years it went through a series of name changes such as the Boston Watch Company (1853) and American Watch Company (1859).  In 1885 it became knows as the American Waltham Watch Company and finally in 1907 it became knows as the Waltham Watch Company (WWCo)

In addition to using grade numbers, Waltham also used many grade names on their watches. These names were often the names of Board members, company investors, or other prominent individuals. The grade name basically designates the model and/or level of finish of the watch. Some of the more popular Waltham named grades were: Appleton Tracy & Co., William Ellery, P. S. Bartlett, Crescent Street, Riverside, Central Park, Premier, Broadway, Royal E. Robbins, Vanguard, Bond Street, Sterling, Royal, Maximus and Colonial .

The regulator is of particular note and was designed by Charles W Fogg called the Fogg Tadpole regulator or Short Tadpole regulator. These regulators are held in such high esteem thanks to their superb accuracy. The regulator is used to adjust the balance wheel’s rate of oscillation in order to improve accuracy of the watch. Several varieties of watch regulators are found in Waltham movements, most of which were patented and often called “Patent Regulators.” The best regulators inside a pocket watch, offer extreme precision while adjusting the rate of oscillation.

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