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1966 Breitling Top Time 2000 with the reverse panda dial

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1966 Breitling Top Time 2000 with the reverse panda dial

A brief history on the Breitling Top Time”

The Breitling Top Time was released in 1964, and is the name given to the variety of watches with a two or three-sub dial chronograph configuration.

Using either the Venus 178 or 188 movement or the Valjoux 7730, 7733 or 7736, these are all seventeen jewelled manual wind shock resistant movements with 18,000bph (vibrations per hour).

With a few dial variations, one of the most sought after dials is the Breitling Top Time “Reverse Panda” dial. This is one in which the watch – and not just Breitling, but any chronograph watch for that matter – that has a black main dial and white sub-dials.

Worn by actors and sportsman, by far the most famous is actor Sean Connery, who in the 1965 James Bond movie “Thunderball”, wore a modified Breitling Top Time that was equipped with a Geiger counter. This was actually the first time that Q modified a watch for any James Bond film.

A Breitling Top Time Watch was also worn by the actor and comedian Sid James in the 1973 movie “Carry on Girls”, and was also apparently worn by one of, if not the greatest Formula One racer of all times, the Scottish Formula One racer James “Jim” Clark. there is however debate that he may have worn an Enicar Sherpa Graph instead of a Top Time.

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