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9ct antique cricketer cufflinks by Apex from the 1920s

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9ct antique cricketer cufflinks by Apex from the 1920s. These exact cufflinks can be fond on page 201 of “Australian Jewellers, Gold and Silversmiths – Makers and Marks” by Cavill, Cocks and Grace.

A brief history on Rodd/Apex:

The company of G & E Rodd was founded in 1919 and soon became a major jewellery manufacturer in Australia. Their pieces were marked “Apex” from the early 1920’s to 1948. Rodd’s catalogue of Apex jewellery published in 1935 had over 40 pages of illustrations showing just how large and successful they had become. After 1948 their pieces were marked with Rodd until they merged with Myttons Ltd in 1961.

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