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Antique Arts and Crafts pearl drop earrings made in the 1890s’

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Antique Arts and Crafts pearl drop earrings made in the 1890s’

These antique Arts and Crafts earrings were made in 18 carat yellow gold and each measure 5.7cm in length.

The Arts and Crafts period was from the 1880’s to the 1920’s and originated in England. Quickly spreading throughout Europe, it covered all aspects of art and not just jewellery. Often seen in textiles, furniture and architecture, even though it coincided at the same time as the late Victorian and Edwardian times, which also had the Art Nouveau period influencing the same aspects, it still has its own style. More closely resembling Art Nouveau pieces, whether this be furniture, architecture or jewellery, Arts and Crafts jewellery often has a somewhat more crude design and style to it. Whereas Art Nouveau jewellery was heavily influenced from nature, Arts and Crafts jewellery often shares a similar asymmetrical approach, with a more crude somewhat amateurish look to it. With names such as William Morris often associated the with Arts and Craft movement, this is one area of jewellery that is increasing in popularity more and more.


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