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Antique bracelet made in 1906


Not only is this antique bracelet over 100 years old, it is also in superb condition as well as being in the "night and day" design.

The term "night and day" for jewellery is used for an antique bracelet such as this one, that has a pattern or engraving on one side, and plain on the other. This was a popular design often seen in antique curb link bracelets of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While it is often thought that the plain side is to be worn during the day, and the engraved side during the night, the design on the engraved side rightly deserves to be shown all the time and will certainly be admired each time that it is worn.

Made in 9 carat rose gold, even the colour of the gold has that fabulous warm tone that is rarely seen in modern rose gold as it is often more pink rather than rose, and the colour of this gold looks amazing against the skin.

Each link measures 13.3mm wide that gives it a lovely bold appearance on the wrist and from end to end it measures 17cm in length and is fitted to a safety chain and elegant heart shaped padlock.

Each link is still in wonderful condition making this the perfect bracelet to literally wear day and night.


Stock number: EC352

Hallmarked: Birmingham 1906




Antique bracelet made in 1906

Antique bracelet made in 1906 in the night and day design. This antique bracelet was made in 9 carat rose gold in the Edwardian era.

What is a night and day bracelet?

This antique night and day bracelet is in wonderful condition, even well after 100 years have passed since it was made.

The term "night and day bracelet" refers to the bracelet having an engraved side and a plain side. While it is common to wear and show the engraved side facing the front, either way can be worn.

What is rose gold?

Gold is alloyed with other metals to both harden and sometimes alter the colour of the gold. Whereas pure gold is very bright yellow in colour, it is also quite soft and malleable. This makes it unsuitable for jewellery as it will often break or split. Other metals are added such as copper and silver to make it harder. not only will this make the gold jewellery more durable, it will also alter the colour. The yellow colour may "soften" in its tone, or adding copper can make it more of a warm rose colour.

Where can I have my antique jewellery repaired in Sydney?

Kalmar Antiques in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney have been repairing antique jewellery, watches and clocks for over thirty five years.

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