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Antique cameo of Apollo based on Guido Reni’s “L’Aurora”

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Antique cameo of Apollo based on Guido Reni’s “L’Aurora”.
This fresco was painted by Guido Reni between 1613 to 1614 and titled L’Aurora (Phoebus & the Hours Preceded by Aurora) on the ceiling of the Palazzo Pallavicini Rospigliosi which was built by the Borghese family.
The scene is of the sun god Apollo ascending the heavens surrounded by his daughters, the horae which were the goddesses of the seasons. He is preceded by his sister Aurora, the goddess of dawn. Above is Genius of light, or the day star Lucifer holding his torch.

The Roman story tells of Aurora who longed to be with her mortal lover for all eternity. Aurora asked Zeus to grant immortality to Tithonus a prince of Troy, and Zeus did grant her wish. Tragically, Aurora did not ask for eternal youth to accompany Tithonus immortality and he became forever old, after which she turned him into a grasshopper.

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