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Antique demantoid garnet and rose cut diamond brooch

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Antique demantoid garnet and rose cut diamond brooch

This antique brooch was made in 15 carat gold by one of Australia’s most famous and prolific jewellers, Duggin, Shappere & Co in the early 1900’s. Made in 15 carat gold, it is set with rose cut diamonds and the rare green demantoid garnet.

A brief history on Duggin, Shappere & Co:

Duggin Shappere and Co were one of Australia’s most prolific and famous jewellery firms starting in Melbourne in 1896.Founded by H Duggin and P Shappere became well known for Australian themed jewellery as well as other high end pieces set with diamonds and opals among other precious gemstones. The Great Depression took a toll on this prestigious Australian company, and they closed their doors in 1929, however in their brief time, they produced highly collectable jewellery that is so sought after today. Their jewellery was marked with an anchor symbol.

Garnets come in a range of colours from the commonly seen burgundy-red through to orange and the rarest of them all, the green demantoid garnet. While there is another green garnet, the tsavorite garnet which is also spectacular, the demantoid garnet is the most rare and highly prized.

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