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Antique Essex crystal cufflinks of poodles and made in the 1880’s

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Antique Essex crystal cufflinks of poodles and made in the 1880’s


A brief history on Essex crystal.

Essex crystal is the incredible work achieved that remains as amazing to admire today as when they were made.

Essex crystal is a reverse intaglio in rock crystal, where an image is reverse carved into the rock crystal and then painted, resulting in an incredible three dimensional art work protected under the secure dome of the rock crystal.

Unlike its name, Essex crystal did not originate in Essex county, and indeed not even after the man famed for creating it, William Essex.

Thought to originate in Belgium, they were first brought into the United Kingdom by Thomas Cook in the 1860s, and from were sold by Hancock’s in London.

Often displaying animals such as horses and dogs, flowers and birds are also found in jewellery of this era.

Essex crystal is also known as “reverse intaglios”, and regardless of what it is called, there is no denying that this was a true art work from a bygone era.


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