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Antique Georgian era cut steel seal made in the 1800’s

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Antique Georgian era cut steel seal made in the 1800’s


Cut steel jewellery goes as far back as the late 1600’s with limited details known, however it wasn’t really until the early 1700’s in England that it started to become well known and popular there and all over Europe. In high demand with all levels of society, it was also used by the French when their jewellery made from precious metals was donated to French King Louis XV to help fund his military campaigns during the ‘Seven Years War’. Indeed this same moment in history was repeated in 1813 in Germany with the production of Berlin Iron  iron jewellery reached its peak between 1813 and 1815, when the Prussian Royal family asked its citizens to contribute their gold and silver jewellery towards funding the uprising against Napoleon during the War of Liberation. In return people were given iron jewellery with the inscription Gold gab ich für Eisen (I gave gold for iron), or Für das Wohl des Vaterlands (For the welfare of our country/Fatherland)

Made not just for political reasons, cut steel jewellery became incredibly popular for jewellery making as well as buttons and shoe buckles.

Mathew Bolton in the 1770’s became by far the most famous of all jewellers to use cut steel, with many jewellers in the UK and Europe trying to follow not only his style but his demand.

During the Georgian periods through to the mid-Victorian era of the 1850’s, steel jewellery remained incredibly popular and is highly sought after today.

Going back as far as Roman times, after a letter was sealed with wax, the writer would stamp the still warm wax with his or her seal to prevent the wrong person from opening the letter, as once broken, the wax seal could not be used again.

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