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Antique locket and collar highlighted with rose and yellow gold

This antique sterling silver collar and locket has not only stayed together for over 140 years, but is highlighted with yellow and rose gold and has such an incredible design on both the locket and each and every link of this fabulous set.

Dating from the 1880's, the collar measures 47cm in length and is fitted with a bolt ring which can be used in a multitude of ways. The bolt ring can be worn at the back or alternatively worn at the front on its own or have the locket attached. Along with the collar, there is an additional 5cm extension link with two more links and another bolt ring. Having this section alone can of course be used to extend the collar to now 52cm, or attached to the bolt ring on the collar and extend down and then attach the locket.

All these ways give this such a wonderful and versatile way to wear this, making it perfect for any occasion, day or night.

The locket measures 31.8mm across by 42.5mm or 53.1mm to the top of the bail and can hold two photos inside making it so much more personal to the owner once these are placed in.

The links measure 1.5cm wide, and all are highlighted with a stunning and individual floral design highlighted with the rose and yellow gold, and the locket having a wonderful scene with a butterfly and stork.

Made well over 140 years ago and as stunning as ever, this is one piece that will certainly be admired from near or far and truly appreciated for its elegance and beauty.


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Circa: 1880


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Antique locket and collar highlighted with rose and yellow gold

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