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Antique pair cased pocket watch by John Cole made in the 1770’s

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Antique pair cased pocket watch by John Cole made in the 1770’s

A pair cased pocket watch is one that has an outer case to protect the smaller inner case that houses the pocket watch itself. Found in antique pocket watches of the 18th and early 19th centuries, the reason behind having two cases was to protect the inner case from dust and other foreign bodies that may make their way into the movement of the pocket watch.

Quite often these outer cases were works of art in themselves with beautiful repoussé designs that are astonishing to admire.

The verge escapement (also known as a crown wheel) is the earliest known type of mechanical escapement found in clocks and pocket watches. At the heart of it, it is the mechanism that controls its rate by allowing the gear train to advance at regular intervals or ‘ticks’.


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