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Antique three colour gold guilloché enamel and emerald box

This antique box is nothing short of spectacular and is still in superb condition even after 170 years have passed since being made.

Made in France in the 1850's, this exquisite box was made in 18 carat gold in three different colours. Today there is yellow and rose gold (as well as white), however years ago there was also green gold, that combined with the yellow and rose gold in this box, is also used. Both the rose and the green gold are very subtle and the rose gold can be seen on the wreath design, with the green gold being used for the petal designs that are found around the sides as well as the top of the box.

Then all of this is highlighted by the spectacular red guilloché enamel that is seen. Guilloché enamel is one of the most popular of all the enamel techniques and is produced by engraving a very precise and repetitive pattern that then has the enamel applied over the top and after the firing process is complete, it is polished back to a high lustre revealing the engraved pattern below the surface. The result as can be seen in this box is incredible and along with such a smooth, tactile feel to it, makes this one of the finest gold boxes that one will ever see.

Measuring 32.7mm across by 21.4mm deep by 17mm high, on the top of the box is set with a natural emerald that completes the box so well.

This is a true masterpiece, and from every angle the detail in this box is truly exceptional and there is no doubt that this was made by someone who was incredibly skilled.


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Antique three colour gold guilloché enamel and emerald box


A brief history on guilloché enamel:
Going back to the 18th Century, guilloché is a decorative technique in which a very precise and repetitive pattern is engraved into an underlying material such as gold or silver and then the enamel applied over the top. After the firing process is completed, it is polished back to a high lustre revealing the engraved pattern below the surface. This technique can be seen on jewellery as well as decorative pieces such as pill boxes, opera glasses and carriage clocks. Often seen in high quality French and Swiss pieces over the century, this is an enamelling technique that has always remained so popular and sought after.

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