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Antique Whitby jet and painted porcelain drop earrings

Whitby jet is actually the fossilized remains of a tree and has been used in jewellery as early as 10,000 BC and even though it was also popular in Roman times, it was the Victorian era of the 1800's when it was most popular, and here are a pair of antique Whitby jet and painted porcelain drop earrings.

With the addition of the romantic scene on each earring of a young girl tenderly stroking a doe, these earrings are as beautiful as they are romantic.

The Whitby jet has that wonderful dense black colour, indeed this is where the term "jet black" originated from, and with the centre section with the scene suspended apart from the outer rim, this also adds not only a point of difference to many other Whitby jet earrings, but a lovely fluid movement to them.

Each earring measures 72.2mm from the bottom to the very top of the sterling silver shepherd hooks, or 58mm to the top of the Whitby jet where the hook is attached by 31mm wide, the size of these earrings is just magnificent and are destined to always be admired and commented on.

With the beautiful lustre from the Whitby jet combined with those gorgeous panels of the girl and the doe, there is little doubt that these earrings will always be loved and cherished.


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Circa: 1880



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Antique Whitby jet and painted porcelain drop earrings

A brief history on Whitby jet:

Whitby Jet is a fossilized material of a tree called the Araucaria Tree also known as the Monkey Puzzle tree and is dense black in colour, which is where the term “Jet black” came from. Found since 10,000 BC in countries such as Poland, France, Spain and Germany, the best material has always come from the town of Whitby in England.

The colour and texture of Whitby Jet is just beautiful to touch and admire, and was very popular in during the late Victorian period of the 1880’s and 1890’s era when this White Jet necklace was made.

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