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Art Deco untreated sapphire and diamond engagement ring

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Art Deco untreated sapphire and diamond engagement ring from the 1920’s. This gorgeous hand made ring is set with an untreated sapphire. With exquisite detail, this Art Deco engagement ring is just amazing.

A brief history on heat treating sapphires:

Many centuries ago, it was discovered that if you put a sapphire or ruby into a fire it will improve its colour and clarity. Since then, people have been heat treating sapphires and rubies for this very reason, making it an accepted and standard practice. This treatment accepted worldwide as a normal treatment and not deceiving in any way and is the most common treatment for sapphires and rubies, and should not be confused with being synthetic or man made. Heat treated stones are still 100% completely natural, however finding a sapphire that is not heat treated, especially today is so much more of a rarity.

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Set with six single cut diamonds, this Art Deco sapphire and diamond engagement ring is just spectacular.

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