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Ceylonese Sapphire and diamond ring

Ceylon sapphire rings are respected highly for its enduring value and quality.
Both sapphires and rubies come from the same gem family of corundum and are the second hardest gemstone after diamond making them both very practical for stones to be set into rings.

Blue sapphires coming from Sri Lanka are known as Ceylon Sapphires. The last 2000 years, Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka) has provided the world with the most famous sapphires. These blue sapphires from Ceylon are unmatched in colour, brilliance and clarity in comparison to other blue sapphires coming from other countries.

Blue sapphires are being mined in countries such as Africa, Australia, Cambodia, Columbia, Thailand and the United States and although usually attractive often do not match the Ceylonese sapphires in quality of colour and transparency.

The vast majority of sapphires are heat treated which has been a common practice for centuries. This is done to improve both the colour and clarity of the sapphire and is a completely stable and internationally recognised and accepted treatment. However you may still very often find un-heat treated sapphires in many of our antique rings.

Ceylonese Sapphire Ring for Sale.

The stunning Ceylon-sapphire-and-diamond-ring featured below is made in 18ct white goldThe sapphire at the centre of the ring is a natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire, which measures 1.86cts. Clarity and the cutting of the Ceylonese sapphire are superb, given the size of the gemstone. Gemstones that are of fine quality are cut sparingly to preserve its overall weight.

Bezel setting is beautifully protecting the sapphire with sparkling diamonds of high quality are surrounding it. The outer surfaces of the sapphire setting are ensconced in tiny diamonds. The band is finished with diamonds on both sides, with the Ceylonese Blue Sapphire sitting atop the band. This cluster ring has so much attention to detail around the sapphire as well as below as you can see in the other image.

This is a ring of beautiful quality for that special someone who wants something distinctive.

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