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Colombian emerald and diamond ring from the Art Deco period

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Colombian emerald and diamond ring from the Art Deco period

This Art Deco emerald and diamond ring was hand made in platinum in the 1920’s. Set with a magnificent natural Colombian emerald that measures 2.84 carats, it is also set with thirty two diamonds.

A brief history of Colombian emeralds.

For over 4,000 years Colombia has been home to the world’s finest emeralds. Today, Colombia still accounts for between 70 to 90% of the world’s emerald supply. Geologically speaking, Colombian emeralds are found in sedimentary rocks rather than igneous resulting in a fine green colour with excellent transparency. While all natural emeralds will have inclusions, a fine quality Colombian emerald will have less than those from other countries as well as excellent transparency allowing you to see right through the stone. Combine this with an intense green, and it is easy to see why Colombian emeralds have been regarded so highly throughout the ages.


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