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Exquisite handmade platinum Belle Époque diamond ring

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Exquisite handmade platinum Belle Époque diamond ring

The Belle Époque era coincided with the late Victorian period of the 1890’s through the Edwardian period of the early 1900’s, and like the Art Nouveau period, stopped at the outbreak of World War One in 1914.

The Belle Époque era and the Art Nouveau era coincide so closely together that it is actually quite hard to make a distinct separation between them. Making it even harder is the fact that the term Belle Époque did not come into common language until after the period had finished.

Very similar to the Art Nouveau period of flowing lines, and although sometimes mimicking nature, Belle Époque jewellery usually follows a more lace style, somewhat regal and elegant in design.

Another main difference between the two eras is that Belle Époque jewellery tends to use more precious metals such as platinum and predominantly diamonds as opposed to other gemstones or materials as is seen in Art Nouveau jewellery.


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