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Hand made vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring

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Hand made vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring

This elegant vintage sapphire and diamond engagement ring was hand made in 18 carat yellow gold and platinum in London in 1971. Set with a natural Ceylonese sapphire, on each side are two antique mine cut diamonds, as well as two single cut diamonds on each side leading to the yellow gold band. One of the earliest cuts of diamonds, in recent years the popularity ad desire for the antique mine cut diamonds and antique European cut diamonds has increased so much that they are being cut today in the modern diamond cutting workshops of India and Antwerp.

Both sapphires and rubies have long been considered perfect rings to go with diamonds in an engagement ring due to their hardness and durability. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone in the world, having a hardness of 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness, with sapphire and ruby being a 9, making it a very durable gemstone to be set into a ring that can easily be worn every day. Both sapphires and diamonds belong to the same gemstone family of corundum and indeed both are the same stone, however when corundum is red, it is a ruby and when all other colours, it is a sapphire. With this, sapphires can be found in all colours other than red, including pink, purple, green, colourless and the highly desirable pink-orange colour of the padparadscha sapphire.

The advantage of buying a vintage or antique engagement ring is that the diamonds are all conflict free diamonds as there were many diamond mines in the 1980’s and 1990’s that used very unethical labour to mine the diamonds as well as the money going to criminal organizations around the world.

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