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Limited edition 18ct rose gold Omega Anniversary model

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Limited edition 18ct rose gold Omega Anniversary model. Highly sought after Omega watch with the famous Omega 30mm movement, the Omega calibre 269. Visible through the exhibition window, this is such a hard to find Omega watch and perfect for any serious collector of watches.

A brief history on this Omega watch as taken from the Omega book, Omega – A journey through time:

“In order to commemorate the centenary (1894 – 1994)of the famous 19” “Omega” calibre that gave its name to the company founded by Louis Brandt in 1848, Omega brought out of storage in September 1994 the 2100 last 30mm calibres it still had. Created in 1939, the 30mm calibre was to the wristwatch what the 19” was to the pocket watch. Its exceptional reliability, its precision performance, its sturdiness and its ease of maintenance made the 30mm a benchmark in watchmaking for more than a quarter of a century.

To encase these precious pieces of its history, Omega chose to reproduce a watch model from 1944 that was marked by the classicism of its lines and the elegance of its case. A display back was fitted to showcase the famous red gilt finish of the 30mm calibre – a characteristic of Omega’s movements.”….”Three versions of this commemorative watch were launched, 1894 in red gold…..”

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