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Rare 15 carat gold and platinum ladies antique Albertina


Here is an incredible rare and impressive ladies Albertina that dates from the 1850's and is arguably one of the finest ones that could ever be found.

Not only does it measure and incredible full length that originally would have been worn on the waist to hold a pocket watch at one end, but the detail of the links, the tassels and all the other components are truly sensational.

Made in 15 carat rose and green gold, the smaller components are highlighted with platinum. Even though platinum was discovered in 1735, the only way that it could be used in jewellery was to be hammered or forged onto jewellery, and it wasn't until oxyhydrogen was invented in the mid-1800's that could then create a temperature high enough to melt platinum and use it in jewellery.

Gold is alloyed with other metals that results in producing different colours. Rose gold is made by primarily adding copper to the gold when being alloyed resulting in the lovely warm tone to it, and today when green gold is made the green colour is more a soft green-yellow colour. However years ago cadmium was added resulting in a stronger colour. While never a strong green such as yellow or white gold, the tone of green in antique pieces has an incredible soft tone to it that looks wonderful here set against both the rose gold and pure white of the platinum.

The foxtail links in the tassels are still in superb condition as are the two slide pieces all of which show such incredible detail.

Even the four links connecting all of this together are truly amazing to admired from near or far, and this piece has such an incredible tactile feel to it that is so exciting to wear.

Laid out from end to end it measures 40.7cm and from the swivel to the bolt ring, it measures 33.5cm in length.

Still in exceptional condition, this very piece is featured on page 48 of "How the watch was worn: A fashion for 500 years" by Genevieve Cummins making this an even more exciting piece of history.

There is no doubt that anyone will be hard pressed to find a better quality piece such as this, and this is one is up there with the best of the best.


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Circa: 1855




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Rare 15 carat gold and platinum ladies antique Albertina

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