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Rare sized extremely large South Sea pearl necklace

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Rare sized extremely large South Sea pearl necklace. Graduating from a large 15.5mm to an incredibly rare 17mm these Australian South Sea pearls are unparalleled in quality and beauty.

 A brief history on Australia’s South Sea pearls.

Australia’s South Sea pearls (Pinctada maxima) are regarded as the finest in the world for a few notable reasons. To begin with the Australia South Sea oyster is the largest and rarest of all pearl producing oysters. Thanks to this, the size of pearl produced is often over 10mm in size. Combined with the pristine waters in which the oysters are farmed, this also allows for a thick nacre to be built up over the bead.

Divers collect the wild oysters by hand in the pristine waters off north-west Australia, where they are then taken to pearl farms. From here they are nurtured in the hope that they will produce a gem quality pearl, however not every oyster will produce a pearl, and apart from rare exceptions, most will produce only one pearl at a time. Australian South Sea pearls are easily regarded as the best in the world, and once you try a strand of South Sea pearls on, it will be so easy to see why.

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