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Vintage 1946 stainless steel Rolex Bubbleback reference 2940

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Vintage 1946 stainless steel Rolex Bubbleback reference 2940

A brief history on the Rolex Bubbleback.

Released in 1933, the Rolex Bubbleback was the first watch that was made by Rolex to have a fully automatic winding system. The first Rolex Bubbleback model was the 1858, powered by the automatic 520 movement.

Due to this relatively thick fully automatic movement fitted in what would now be considered a smaller sized watch case, this resulted in the movement protruding out the back of the watch resulting in a case back that was not flat like today, rather it has a slightly bulbous shape, and earned the nickname “Bubbleback”.

The Bubbleback was also fitted with a screw-down crown, which along with its threaded caseback, now made the watch resistant to water, thus allowing Rolex to market it as a waterproof watch.


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