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Vintage 1972 Omega Megaquartz F2.4MHz 196.0013

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Vintage 1972 Omega Megaquartz F2.4MHz 196.0013

This Omega Megaquartz is fitted with the thirteen jewelled Omega calibre 1520 and comes complete with its original instructions.

A brief history of the Omega Megaquartz f 2.4 MHz as taken in part from the book. “Omega – A journey through time” page 374.

The Megaquartz 2400, a high-frequency quartz watch equipped with the calibre 1500 ‘Elephant”, whose resonator vibrates 2.4 million times per second! Developed in collaboration with the Battelle Institue of Geneva, this calibre was the result if fifteen years of research. Its unrivalled accuracy if +/- 1 second per month insured it the title if the most precise wristwatch in the world. Indeed,the precision achieved by this high-frequency calibre was about ten times greater than that of an ordinary quartz watch and allowed one of its versions, the calibre 1511, to obtain a unique achievement of its kind, the title of Marine Chronometer. The Megaquartz 2400 was also the first watch to be equipped with the TSA devise (Time-zone and Second Adjustment), which allowed the user to change the hours without interfering the either the minutes or the seconds, or to activate small corrections of the second in order to synchronise the watch with the time signal.


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