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18ct yellow gold antique diamond gypsy ring made in 1902

Perfect for any occasion, this 18ct yellow gold antique diamond gypsy ring made in 1902 is so lovely and practical to wear all the time. Made well over 11 years ago, the simple sleek, stylish and elegant design belies this fact. Able to be worn with other antique jewellery, it can also so easily be worn with modern contemporary jewellery and fit right in.

Gypsy setting is one where the gemstone is set into the metal and relatively flush with the surface. Not only protecting the stone, often antique gypsy rings will have a "star" pattern around the gemstone adding even more charm and character to the ring.

This lovely antique diamond gypsy ring has the added beautiful feature of having an antique mine cut diamond in the centre and a antique European cut diamond set on each side.

The centre mine cut diamond measures 0.16 carats and are also often called "old miners" or "cushion" cut diamonds as they resemble the somewhat squarish shape of a cushion.

Set on each side is a European cut diamond, with the two European cut diamonds having a total weight of 0.12 carats.

Measuring 6.2mm wide at the centre and tapering down to an elegant 2.6mm wide at the back, this antique diamond gypsy ring not only looks and feels perfect on the finger, it will always be one that can be worn all the time with no concerns at all.

Click here to read a brief article on European and mine cut diamonds: https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/articles/a-brief-history-of-the-cutting-of-diamonds/


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18ct yellow gold antique diamond gypsy ring made 1902. Made in the Edwardian era, this antique diamond gypsy ring made sits perfectly on the finger. The design protects the diamonds so well making it practical to wear all the time. With a mine cut diamond in the centre, there is a European cut diamond set on each side. In recent years, there has been such a resurgence for genuine antique cut diamonds such as the European cut diamond and the mine cut diamond. Mine cut diamonds are sometimes also called a "cushion" cut diamond as it resembles a cushion by being not perfectly round.

A brief history on the gypsy setting:

Gypsy setting has been around for centuries and is one where the stone is set flush with the setting. Gypsy setting is also known as flush setting, or burnish setting, is popular as it protects the stone from any excessive wear. Once set, it was common to run a sharp tool into the setting. This creates a "star" pattern which emphasises the stone and setting so well. A practical setting for anyone concerned with damaging the stones, there is nothing quite like a genuine antique gypsy ring.

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