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Hold a piece of history in your hand

Kalmar Antiques is home to the finest collection of antique jewellery in Sydney, Australia. Our jewellery ranges from pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and brooches, from the Georgian era through to the Victorian, Art Deco and 1950 Retro periods. We specialise in antique engagement rings with a large selection of diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby rings to choose from. At Kalmar Antiques we pride ourselves on the beauty, quality and rarity of our antique pieces. Our team of Master Jewellers specialise in restoration, remodelling and custom work. Book a consultation to start creating your dream piece today. If you are looking to sell your jewellery or have an item valued our experienced team of registered second-hand dealers, valuers and gemmologists are here to assist you, contact us today.

Alongside our extensive range of antique jewellery, Kalmar Antiques offers an impressive collection of vintage wristwatches, timepieces and clocks. Our offering includes well-respected brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Tudor and Omega plus many more. We specialise in servicing vintage watches, with a state-of-the-art watchmaking workshop located on-site. You can browse our collection of timepieces in-store or online. To book your timepiece in for a service or repair with one of our watchmakers you can book a service here.

Antique and fine vintage jewellery

Kalmar Antiques would like to welcome you to our website.
Starting in 1986, we have been dealing in antique jewellery and fine modern jewellery, wrist watches, pocket watches and antique clocks, silver and objet art, and have made a name as one of Sydney's finest antique jewellery dealers, and are in the beautiful and historic Queen Victoria Building in the heart of Sydney, New South Wales.

We also have some of the finest antique diamond engagement rings in Sydney, as well as an extensive selection of other styles of engagement rings such as sapphire and diamond engagement rings and ruby and diamond engagement rings.

Additional services include repairing, valuing and remodelling jewellery, and our Master Watchmakers services wrist watches, pocket watches and clocks, including such brands as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe and Omega.

Kalmar Antiques have also been appointed to take over from the late Mr Ross Beer watchmaking company Timepiece Watchmaker.
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On site, we have an award winning jewellery designer, gemmologists, and registered jewellery valuers, for all of your valuation and repair needs. We also have a state of the art watchmaking and polishing workshop and have on-site a watchmaker who used to work for LVMH and then Rolex. This allows us to service your Rolex in Sydney to Rolex standards, as well as being able to service any other Swiss watch.

Kalmar Antiques are proud to announce that we are now an authorised OMEGA watch service centre, and are able to service your OMEGA watch on-site by our OMEGA trained and certified watchmaker.

We are conveniently open 7 days, so please feel free to visit our store, or enjoy looking at our web site at some of what we have to offer.
We specialise and pride ourselves on having some of the finest range of antique rings including antique engagement rings, antique earrings and antique pendants from the Georgian era through the Victorian and Art Deco era right through to 1950's retro and new.
If you are thinking of selling your jewellery, we are a licensed second hand dealer and are always interested in buying gold, silver, jewellery, watches and pocket watches.
Click here to read more if you want to sell your gold jewellery or selling your watches. https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/sell-your-item/

We also deal in fine quality antique and vintage wrist and pocket watches from well respected brands such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier and Omega to name but a few.

"Kalmar Antiques, where you can hold a piece of history in your hand"

Antique & Vintage Jewellery FAQ's

What is antique jewellery?

The term antique is applied to an item that is over 100 years old. Antiquity is a term applied to items from before the Middle Ages, around 470AD.

How do I find the value of my antique jewellery?

Jewellery which is over 100 years old is considered antique and can be highly valuable. A range of factors including condition, maker, rarity, physical materials, and historical relevance all need to be considered when valuing antique jewellery. The best way to determine the value of a piece is to have the item valuated by one of our registered valuers. Contact us today to find out more about our valuation process.

Is antique jewellery worth anything?

Having your antique jewellery assessed by a registered valuer is the most accurate way to determine the value of your jewellery. Our team of valuers can assist you with having a formal valuation completed for your piece.

What is vintage jewellery?

For vintage jewellery to be considered vintage the items need to be 20 years or older. If the piece is over 100 years old, it is then considered an antique.

What is a hallmark?

A hallmark is a mark or series of marks embossed into metal. Hallmarks are used to certify the content of noble metals. They can also be applied to metals to indicate a country's taxation being paid upon the materials or to indicate the assaying office and year which the piece was tested.

How do I know if my vintage jewellery is real?

Simple things such as the appearance and weight of the piece can be good initial indicators of whether an item is made from precious metals. It is also good to search the piece for any hallmarks to verify its metal make up. These are great starting points however to be completely certain that a piece is genuine it is best to have it assessed by a registered valuer. Our team of registered valuers are qualified gemmologists, diamond graders and jewellers who will be able to determine the authenticity and value of an item.

What is an antique jewellery valuation?

A jewellery valuation, also known as a valuation certificate or appraisal, is a formal document providing a detailed description and judgement of value on an item. Our team of valuers are registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers as well as being gemmologists and diamond graders. Valuation certificates can be used for purposes such as insurance policies, estate settlements or private sale. If you are needing a valuation completed on a piece, please contact us today.

Can I have my vintage jewellery remodelled?

Our team of master jewellers specialise in the remodel and restoration of antique jewellery. If you have a piece which you would like to have restored or remodelled, please contact us to arrange a consultation with our jeweller.

Is it easy to resize a ring?

A number of factors need to be considered when resizing a ring including material, design, hallmarking and structural longevity. Therefore, determining whether a resize can be completed on a ring is a case-by-case judgement. If the ring contains gemstones all the way around the band with no section of plain metal, then this ring is unlikely to be resizable. If the ring is a plain metal band or has a section on the back of the shank with plain metal, then this will make the piece easier to resize. Other factors such as the number of sizes that the ring would need to be increased or decreased still need to be considered. Visiting our store to have your ring size professionally measured is always the most accurate way to determine correct finger size, we will then be able to assess the ring and determine if a resize would be possible.

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