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Omega Service Centre

Kalmar Antiques is a certified OMEGA Service Centre for watch repairs, servicing and restorations. Our workshop adheres to the highest standards in quality and practices, required to attain this official OMEGA certification. All repairs, servicing and restorations are complete on-site in our specialised watchmaking workshop and polishing room. The in-house watchmaking team is led by our Horologist, Lorenzo Del Rosso. To achieve this accreditation our team of watchmakers are required to meet the highest standards in watchmaking, outlined by OMEGA headquarters.

Kalmar Antiques are an authorised OMEGA watch service centre in Sydney. With an OMEGA trained and authorised watchmaker on-site, we are able to service your OMEGA watch and pocket watch to the highest standards using only genuine OMEGA parts. We are able to service your OMEGA watch all on-site at our state-of-the-art watchmaking and polishing workshop in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.

Omega Service

Price List

Complete Service

Steps of the Complete Service

  1. Disassembling the case and the movement
  2. Cleaning the movement
  3. Replacing worn or damaged components of the movement with factory components
  4. Reassembling and lubricating the movement
  5. Adjusting the movement and controlling its parameters
  6. Cleaning and polishing the case and bracelet
  7. Reassembling the case
  8. Complete quality control
Calibre TypeNon-Precious Material PricePrecious Material Price
Non-Chronograph (Quartz)$760 -$910 -
Non-Chronograph (Mechanical)$1,060 -$1,210 -
Chronograph (Quartz)$910 -$1,210 -
Chronograph (Mechanical)$1,370 -$1,670 -

*Prices subject to final inspection

Repairs & Restorations

A free, customised quotation can be provided for the repair or restoration of your specific timepiece. Simply bring your timepiece into our store for an assessment by our watchmakers, this is a no obligations process.

Omega Service Center

Certified OMEGA Service Centre in Sydney CBD

Kalmar Antiques is an official OMEGA service centre based in Sydney CBD. Whether you own a steel-on-steel Constellation or a De Ville Tourbillon, its precision, accuracy, and aesthetic beauty will endure time. Service frequency depends upon the environments your timepiece gets exposed to, but you need an OMEGA-certified service centre you can trust to keep your watch operating perfectly. 

We are an OMEGA-authorised service centre in the heart of the city's CBD that provides service and repairs with an unwavering commitment to excellence. We understand the brand's heritage and craftsmanship and offer our patrons unparalleled expertise from our skilled horologists. From an intricate repair to an OMEGA service in Sydney, we'll proudly care for your timepiece, guaranteeing it operates faultlessly and gives you many more years of enjoyment.

The Best OMEGA Watch Repairs Sydney Offers

If your watch has aging gaskets impacting water resistance, a mechanism failure, or suffered cosmetic damage, our in-house horologists are certified in OMEGA repairs. The brand's history stretches back to the late 1840s, and we've had the pleasure of completing many OMEGA watch repairs in Sydney on unique and sentimentally priceless timepieces.

As an authorised OMEGA watch repair centre, we are able to assist with your OMEGA repair or OMEGA watch refurbishment, for either your modern or vintage timepiece.

Vintage OMEGA watch restoration in our Sydney CBD workshop

We offer world-class vintage OMEGA watch restoration at our Sydney CBD location. Our skilled watchmakers can complete the work on-site with authentic Omega watch parts due to our authorisation as an OMEGA watch service center. OMEGA restoration could include complete restoration of the precision movement or polishing of the case and bezel. Our certification as an official OMEGA repair center means our watchmakers have undergone official Omega training and have access to authentic Omega parts.

Official OMEGA watch service in Sydney for vintage and modern watches

If you've been searching for OMEGA repairs or servicing in Sydney, Kalmar Antiques is the foremost OMEGA-certified service centre in the city. Our team provide OMEGA watch repairs, servicing, and restoration at our in-house watchmaking and polishing workshop. Our highly skilled horologists exercise their extensive knowledge and expertise to breathe new life into our customers' precious timepieces using genuine OMEGA parts. Experience unmatched OMEGA watch repairs in Sydney CBD with the city's premier specialist, and rest assured that your watch will be in the safest of hands. 

Expert OMEGA watch repairs in Sydney led by in-house Horologist Lorenzo Del Rosso

Operating since 1986, Kalmar Antiques are a certified location for OMEGA repair in Sydney. Our Omega watch service center believes in precision craftsmanship, and our workshop operates under the expert guidance of Lorenzo Del Rosso, our in-house horologist. We offer a comprehensive suite of OMEGA watch repairs and services tailored to the needs of these spectacular timepieces. 

  • Watch Repairs

  • Watch Service

  • Watch Restoration

  • Watch Polishing

  • Watch Battery Replacement

  • Watch Glass Replacement

  • Watch Polishing


Our OMEGA watch service in Sydney can assist with everything from routine battery replacements to intricate watch servicing and restorations. With our commitment and passion for horology, our authorised OMEGA watch repair centre is the best place to take your Omega timepiece. We can also assist with watch repairs across all other watch brands.

Request an appointment at our OMEGA Authorised Service Centre

Expert maintenance is essential to ensure perfect functionality and aesthetic appeal, whether worn regularly or only for special occasions. For an OMEGA watch service price guide or specialised quotation you can bring your timepiece into our QVB based store.

We provide the finest OMEGA watch repairs in Sydney CBD with state-of-the-art equipment, genuine OMEGA replacement parts, and our exceptional horology team. Preserve the value and performance of your watch by booking your appointment now to experience unrivalled servicing and customer care at Kalmar Antiques OMEGA repair center.

OMEGA Repair Sydney FAQs

How long does a typical OMEGA watch service take?

Characteristically, OMEGA watches are manufactured with extreme precision and require regular maintenance to function optimally. The brand has been in business since 1848 and has created some spectacular watches, and they all have their specific requirement regarding servicing. A typical OMEGA watch service can take several weeks to complete. An OMEGA service in Sydney could involve intricate processes such as the movement's disassembly, cleaning, oiling, and reassembly. Our highly skilled watchmakers inspect and replace deteriorating components with genuine OMEGA parts to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, when you bring your timepiece into our OMEGA watch service center, water resistance will be tested to check the integrity of the gaskets. With the option to polish the case and bracelet back to Omega industry standards. Our OMEGA watch service in Sydney goes into the utmost detail to guarantee the longevity and accuracy of a timepiece, reflecting OMEGA's commitment to stunning craftsmanship. 

Is Kalmar Antiques an authorised OMEGA service centre?

Kalmar Antique is an OMEGA-authorised service centre in the heart of Sydney's central business district. Empowered by our horology department's craftsmanship, we provide a comprehensive 24-month warranty on all services rendered. Should you experience any fault with your timepiece within the warranty period, our OMEGA repair center commits to addressing it swiftly and adeptly. Our dedication covers repairing or replacing any watch parts and resolving identified faults at no additional cost. We prioritise the longevity and performance of your timepiece after using our OMEGA watch repairs service, ensuring your cherished watch remains in perfect working order throughout your ownership. 

How much does it cost to service an OMEGA watch?

Your OMEGA watch service cost will depend on which model you own, its age, condition and the repairs that may be required. You will find a guide OMEGA watch repair cost on this page or you can contact us for an estimated cost. For an accurate quotation for your specific timepiece, you can drop your timepiece in for assessment by our watchmakers, this is a no obligations process.

If you've searched the internet using terms such as OMEGA watch service center near me, and you found Kalmar Antiques, that is because we are an authorised OMEGA watch repair center that services and repairs OMEGA timepieces using genuine parts to incredible standards.

Do you offer OMEGA watch restoration services for vintage timepieces?

As an OMEGA-certified service centre, our horology workshop is overseen by our horologist Lorenzo Del Rosso, accredited by Omega and specialising in OMEGA restoration. OMEGA watch restoration cost will depend on the model and age of your vintage watch and what parts require replacing. We use only genuine parts for OMEGA watch refurbishment here in Sydney to guarantee the quality and longevity of our restorations.

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