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18ct yellow gold Victorian antique diamond engagement ring

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The detail in this 18ct yellow gold Victorian antique diamond engagement ring is just stunning, as are the gorgeous antique diamonds, that all come together to make this such a fabulous ring. Set with five main antique European cut diamonds, there are also eight smaller rose cut diamonds set between each larger diamond.  The scroll work on the side of this antique diamond engagement ring is a wonderful feature and shows why there is nothing quite like a genuine antique engagement ring on your finger. With a design that will easily accommodate a wedding band, this is a very lovely 18ct yellow gold Victorian antique diamond engagement ring that will always be cherished.

During the mid 19th century, the old European cut came into focus. This was an attempt to change the earlier old mine cut stones into a more perfect round cut and these stones can be considered as the first true round brilliant cut diamonds. The facets from the old miners were kept in their same position, but changed shape to a more round and evenly shaped stone. The culets (the point at the bottom of the diamond) became smaller, as it was realised that light could “leak” out from this point in the stone. The development of the modern brilliant cut occurred in the early part of the 20thcentury with further modifications through the century.

The rose cut diamond was a much earlier cut that unlike any other diamond cut has a flat base and a pointed top somewhat akin to a pyramid shape. Both the European cut diamond and rose cut diamond are being cut today, however none with the charm and character of those cut quite literally centuries ago.

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