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80 micron gold capped vintage Omega watch from 1952 with flared lugs

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80 micron gold capped vintage Omega watch from 1952 with flared lugs

A brief history on the 30mm Omega movement as taken in part from the Omega book, “A journey through time”:

The diameters of the barrel and the balance were were designed to be as large as possible to allow a first-class regulating performance. The most efficient transmission of power was found by paying meticulous attention to the dimensions of the gears: the smallest escapement possible was used for a calibre of this size.

The 30mm was a benchmark in the history of watchmaking for a quarter of a century, from 1939 to 1963. Its sterling qualities were reflected in the fact that its first large customer was none other than the British military who ordered the watch en masse during the Second World War for its land and sea forces as well as its Royal Air Force pilots (111,000 watches were supplied, accounting for more than half the watches supplied by Swiss watchmakers). In chronometer testing, it continued to make its mark until 1967, the last year of the competitions at which, thanks to its incredible precision, it had reigned supreme practically from its launch! Its performance made the 30mm the most precise wristwatch calibre ever tested at the observatories of Neuchâtel, Geneva and Kew-Teddington.

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