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Antique Georgian era diamond bracelet

Here is a spectacular and rare antique Georgian era diamond bracelet that dates from the 1820's and is incredible to admire for its beauty, elegance, diamonds and of course age.
Incredible to think that this bracelet was painstakingly hand made around 200 years and still in superb condition, it was made in 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver at the top.
Sterling silver was used to set diamonds at this time as it was realised that setting diamonds into yellow gold would in fact tint the diamonds yellow so silver was used to show off their white colour and at this time white gold was not yet invented and platinum although already discovered, was not used in jewellery making as there was not the technology to melt the platinum.
With a magnificent cluster in the centre leading to an open work design bracelet, there are in total a mesmerising 127 rose cut diamonds.

(What are rose cut diamonds? Find out here: https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/articles/a-brief-history-of-the-cutting-of-diamonds/ )

Genuine antique rose cut diamonds are becoming more and more popular and sought after, and these diamonds total an incredible 9.50 carats and when worn on your wrist takes you back to a time where these would have sparkled magnificently in the candlelight let alone today whether it be during the day or night.
The cluster section at the centre measures 2.1cm by 2.3cm and laid out from end to end the bracelet measures 18ct and is fitted at the end with two figure 8 safety catches for added security.
Even the back of the bracelet was beautifully hand engraved showing how much time and effort was spent on this bracelet and no doubt over the centuries would have been worn by some women of certain influence.
From one end to the other, on or off the wrist, there is no denying that this is such an incredibly beautiful and special antique diamond bracelet from the Georgian era and one for the true purist and lovers of antiques out there.

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Circa: 1820


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Rare antique Georgian era diamond bracelet dating from the early 1800's and set with 127 diamonds.

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