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Antique hand engraved locket with grapes on one side

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Antique hand engraved locket with grapes on one side

This antique photo locket was made in the late Victorian era of the 1890’s. Made in 15 carat gold, both sides have been hand engraved, with one side hand engraved with a bunch of grapes.

In heraldic coat of arms, leaves represent different virtues or qualities. Oak leaves for example represented strength and victory, mistletoe and holly represented truth, defense and foresight and grapes plenty, freedom and rebirth.

Grapes are one of the oldest cultivated fruits, and was believed to have been the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.
They have been said to signify fertility, sacrifice, hospitality, and charity. It as said that to dream of grapes foretold to the maiden that her husband will be cheerful and if the dreamer was in love, the grapes foretold of a speedy union, with much happiness in the marriage.

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