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Antique peridot and pearl brooch/pendant by Duggin, Shappere & Co

Here is a versatile piece of jewellery that can be worn as either a brooch or a pendant and was made by one of Australia's most famous jewellers of the late 19th to early 20th century, Duggin, Shappere & Co.

Made in 15 carat gold in the Edwardian era in the early 1900's, this wonderful piece is set with two peridots which was Prince Edward VII lucky stone making it popular during his reign.

The combination of peridots and pearls works so well together and combined with the design of the piece gives it such an elegant and regal look to it.

Measuring 31.1mm across, when it is worn as a pendant it measures 50.7mm or when the detachable bail at the top is removed and then worn as a brooch, it measures 31.1mm.

And removing the bail is simply a matter of sliding the piece out of the attached hole on the back of the main piece so when it is worn as a brooch this piece does not hinder the look or the way it sits on the outfit. This is such a simple yet ingenuous system that it often seen on antique brooch/pendants and one that is so logical to allow it become two separate pieces of jewellery

With such an elegant look to it, this will make any woman feel like royalty when she wears it no matter which way she chooses.


Stock# U176

Maker: Duggin, Shappere & Co

Circa: 1900


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Antique peridot and pearl brooch/pendant by Duggin, Shappere & Co

A brief history on Duggin, Shappere & Co:

Duggin Shappere and Co were one of Australia’s most prolific and famous jewellery firms starting in Melbourne in 1896.Founded by H Duggin and P Shappere became well known for Australian themed jewellery as well as other high end pieces set with diamonds and opals among other precious gemstones. The Great Depression took a toll on this prestigious Australian company, and they closed their doors in 1929, however in their brief time, they produced highly collectable jewellery that is so sought after today. Their jewellery was marked with an anchor symbol.

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