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Antique rose gold night and day bracelet made in 1907

Even more than 110 years after this bracelet was made, it is not only still in fashion, but in exceptional condition as well.

This antique rose gold night and day bracelet was made in Birmingham in 1907 and has the most glorious colour that makes antique rose gold so sought after today. Whereas a lot of modern rose gold is very pink, this has that delightful warm tone that looks even better against the skin.

This bracelet is what is often referred to as a "night and day" bracelet, where it is often thought that the plain side was worn during the day and the engraved side during the night. However these are most commonly worn with the engraved side showing all the time for all to admire. And why not, as the engraved links are just so beautiful to see when you look down at it on your wrist.

Each link measures 1.2cm wide, and from end to end the bracelet measures 20cm in length and is fitted with the most charming engraved heart shaped padlock bracelet.

Fitted with a safety chain for additional security, this is a wonderful example of a genuine antique bracelet that has stood the test of time in regards to fashion as well as quality.


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Hallmarked: Birmingham 1907


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Antique rose gold night and day bracelet made in 1907

The night and day curb link bracelet was thought to have originated to wear the plain side during the day and the engraved side during the night. While this does have merit, it is more realistic that this was a design feature that was named so after its inception. Antique night and day bracelets were often made in rose gold. Rose gold is made by the addition of copper to the alloy, resulting in a lovely warm colour. In recent years rose gold has surged in popularity, and there is nothing quite the look of antique rose gold on your wrist.

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