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Elegant high quality natural Tahitian black pearl necklace

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Elegant high quality natural Tahitian black pearl necklace
A brief history of the Tahitian black pearls:
The Tahitian pearl comes from Pinctada margaritifera of the Cumingii variety. This pearl oyster secretes black pigments naturally giving the characteristic tint to its mother-or-pearl and its pearls. Living in the lagoons of the Polynesian atolls, Pinctada margaritifera measures from 25 to 35cm in diameter. In its natural state, it lives attached to coral and feeds on plankton, tiny creatures and plants floating in the lagoon. Many observers have spoken of the Polynesians being familiar with it long before the Europeans arrived. They used to make abundant use of mother-of-pearl to make hooks and ornaments, as well as “natural” pearls.

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