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Hand engraved antique photo locket

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Hand engraved antique photo locket from the Victorian era of the 1890’s.
Since the invention of photos in the late 1830’s, photos have become pivotal in our life not just for documenting pivotal moments in history, but on a more personal level, taking the photo of someone close to us.
Whereas now we are so used to using our phones to photo anyone and everything, years ago there was nothing more special than having the photo of someone or your family perhaps inside a locket worn around your neck.
This lovely sentiment makes any locket so much more personal and there is nothing quite like a genuine antique locket being worn around your neck.

Click here to see some more antique photo lockets that we currently have instore: https://www.kalmarantiques.com.au/product-category/antique/lockets-antique/

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