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Unheat treated Ceylonese sapphire and diamond brooch

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Unheat treated Ceylonese sapphire and diamond brooch

This antique sapphire and diamond brooch is set with antique European cut diamonds and antique rose cut diamonds. Set with a natural unheat treated Ceylonese sapphire that measures 1.97 carats in weight.

A brief history on heat treating sapphires and rubies:

Sapphires and rubies have been heat treated for centuries to improve their colour and clarity and this is a worldwide accepted practice. It should be clarified that a sapphire or ruby that has undergone some form of heat treatment is still a natural gemstone from the ground and is not a synthetic/man made stone and the treatment is completely stable. Lately on the market there is a technique of glass filling or lead filling stones which will improve the colour of a natural gemstone, however this treatment is very unstable and the stone may look worse in a few years.

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