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Unheat treated ruby and diamond ring made by our Master Jeweller

Here is a magnificent ruby and diamond ring that was hand made entirely in platinum by our Master Jeweller in a design reminiscent of the fabulous Art Deco era.

Sitting beautifully in the centre is such a vibrant natural ruby that has not undergone any heat treatment. While there is nothing wrong with heat treated rubies or sapphires, for centuries it has been known that if you put one into a fire it will improve its colour and clarity, and people have been heat treating sapphires and rubies ever since for this reason. This treatment is worldwide accepted as a normal treatment and not deceiving in any way and is accepted as a standard treatment for sapphires and rubies as it remains stable and does not damage the stone.

However having a stone as natural in colour as nature intended really makes it more exciting, and this ruby has been certified accordingly. Measuring 1.86 carats, it originates from Thailand and is highlighted with two baguette cut diamonds on each side that total 0.28 carats and keeping it true to the Art Deco period of the 1920's, it is set with six single cut diamonds on each side that total 0.16 carats.

Measuring 12.8mm by 15.4mm across, this is a truly magnificent and exciting ruby and diamond ring.


Stock# U277

Maker: Kalmar

$Sold - Although sold, this is an example of what we can create for you. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to sit down and have a consultation about creating that perfect ring for you.


Unheat treated ruby and diamond ring made by our Master Jeweller

A brief history on heat treating sapphires and rubies:

Sapphires and rubies have been heat treated for centuries to improve their colour and clarity and this is a worldwide accepted practice. It should be clarified that a sapphire or ruby that has undergone some form of heat treatment is still a natural gemstone from the ground and is not a synthetic/man made stone and the treatment is completely stable. Lately on the market there is a technique of glass filling or lead filling stones which will improve the colour of a natural gemstone, however this treatment is very unstable and the stone may look worse in a few years.

This ruby is a superb example of a non-heat treated ruby.

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