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Magnificent antique gold cased earrings from the Victorian era

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Magnificent antique gold cased earrings from the Victorian era

A brief history on gold cased jewellery:

Gold cased jewellery is one that is often overlooked today as it is thought of as the same as gold plating, however this technique of jewellery making goes back centuries and is much harder wearing than many people are aware of. Gold cased is also known as rolled gold and gold filled, and was first invented in Birmingham England in 1785. It is a process where a sheet of gold was soldered onto a sheet of brass which was then subsequently rolled out to a thin sheet to be used in the production of jewellery. While it is common to see see gold cased antique earrings, brooches and even bangles, rings are certainly the hardest to come by. Gold cased jewellery is so hard wearing and durable, that it could easily be engraved and still retain a thick layer of gold.

This wonderful technique has pieces lasting literally centuries and should not be confused with the “later” invention in the 1840’s of gold plating, which although it can have the gold built up, was never as durable as gold cased jewellery.


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