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A brief article on diamond engagement ring styles

February 19, 2014
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Here in this article we will look at two of the most common and popular designs of diamond engagement rings that are available for brides-to-be.

Diamond engagement rings have been around for centuries and do not look like slowing down in popularity any time soon. The most traditional style of diamond engagement ring that comes to many people's mind would have to be the diamond solitaire engagement ring usually in a 6 claw setting and a later adaption of this, the bezel or rub-over set diamond engagement ring.

Let's look at the claw set diamond engagement ring first.

This is a wonderful style and compliments a single diamond perfectly no matter what the size of the diamond is, and being claw set allows natural light to enter the diamond as much as possible adding to the sparkle of the diamond.

Bezel setting in a solitaire diamond follows the same concept, however this time the diamond is not supported by claws, rather it has the metal (bezel) wrapping around the diamond.

The advantage of the claw setting is allowing maximum light enter the diamond from all sides, while a disadvantage is having to make sure the claws are in good condition. It is advisable to get your claw set ring (or rings) checked by a jeweller every 2 or so years. However this is really only a small disadvantage, as the light entering the diamond makes it sparkle as much as possible and if the ring is well made, claws don't have to be re-tipped for many decades.


The advantage - and popularity- in the bezel setting is the clean smooth lines that is gives to both the diamond and the ring itself and removes any chance of claws catching on clothing etc.

The disadvantage is that due to the bezel surrounding the diamond, this setting will not allow light to enter from the side of the stone.

Another disadvantage not often thought of, is many people today choose to buy their own diamond unset and have it set into a ring. This is of course fine, however many round brilliant cut diamonds today have facetted girdles to help maximise light entering the stone, and paying a small premium for this feature, then having a jeweller wrap a bezel around it really defeats the purpose of a facetted girdle in a diamond.


With both settings, the disadvantages are smaller than the advantages, but both settings have things to consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring.

Hope this helps a bit when choosing that special ring for that special occasion!

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