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Ulysse Nardin deck watch chronometer with power reserve indicator

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Ulysse Nardin deck watch chronometer with power reserve indicator

This Ulysse Nardin deck watch chronometer was made in 1950 in sterling silver.

Offshore the correct time is fundamental in determining the Longitude, as one second difference in the equator represents an error of 30 meters.

Deck chronometers are big and very precise pocket watches, synchronised with the Marine Chronometer were used by the ship’s Captain to know the exact time on Deck in order to locate and also brought with him when landed to make sure no one changed the official time of the ship while in his absence.

A brief history on Ulysse Nardin:

Born in 1823 in LeLocle Switzerland, Ulysse Nardin was originally an apprentice watchmaker to his father, Léonard-Frédéric Nardin, and was given further guidance by both Frédéric-William Dubois and Louis JeanRichard-dit-Bressel, who were two master watchmakers and experts in precision watches.

Early on in his career he realised that there was a market for exceptionally high quality and reliable marine and pocket chronometers, so he set about making a name as a pioneer in these exceptional timepieces. By the 1870’s, over fifty navies and international shipping companies from around the world were equipped with Ulysse Nardin marine deck chronometers, providing sailors instruments for highly accurate and reliable timepieces to safely trade across the world.

Passing away in 1876 at only 53 years of age, his son Paul-David Nardin took control of the company, and continued to ensure that Ulysse Nardin’s quest for technical innovation in marine chronometers. By 1975 the company had achieved 4,300 watchmaking awards, including eighteen international gold medals, as well as a great number of technological patents.

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